Our process

AJHollander Enterprises Inc. is a globally-recognized expert in raw hide processing. We flesh each hide that we receive and then begin the curing process. At AJHollander we are meticulous in our methods, ensuring that every hide is well-preserved and can be relied upon to create the leather that our customer requires.

After preserving the hides we rand every hide according to quality grading standards. Each hide is examined for brand marks and flay marks and is selected according to weight or size. Our internal controls require our 95% accuracy in grading.

Every pallet has an individual bar code. The bar code number is noted and the type, weight and the date of production is entered. In this way our customers can be assured that we know exactly what we are shipping, and that if there are any discrepancies we can research the problem and trace its source.

With uniform processing and hands-on management, our customers can be secure in the knowledge that the hides they receive will be top-quality; exactly as ordered.

After hides have been cured over-night they are pulled out of the raceways and placed on a chain for further processing.

After the hides are removed from the raceways they are fleshed to remove excess fat. They are then graded by brand content and weight and moved into the proper selection.