About AJHollander Enterprises


AJHollander is an expert hide processing company and raw hide exporter. With corporate headquarters in New York and processing plants in Nebraska, Texas, Tennessee and Wisconsin, we offer a full selection of US Big Packer and small packer steer and heifer hides, cow and bull hides, fleshed sow skins, as well as goat and sheep skins

We are a trusted supplier of hides and skins to the international tanning markets. Our skilled processing and hands-on management ensures that every hide is processed and delivered as promised. 

AJHollander is a proud member of the US Hide Skin & Leather Association.


Company Profile

AJHollander was founded in Sweden in 1862. It developed into a global leader in hide processing and trading over the next century and a half. In the 1990's the company was dissolved, and in 1995 Howard Ganz acquired the US operations and assumed the leadership role. Over the last two decades, AJHollander has expanded its operations, establishing processing centers and warehouses across the US.

Our years of experience, combined with our long-standing relationships with tanneries across the world, have distinguished us as the most reliable source of raw hide materials. Our customers know that AJHollander delivers as promised. Our goal is to continue to build relationships with customers in all major leather-producing countries and serve as a reliable source for raw materials from the US and beyond.